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How To Start A Business in LA

The best time to start a business is when you have a window of opportunity because of a life-changing event. If you just lost your job, then this may be the best window of opportunity for you. However there will be challenges to starting a business, no matter where you live. If you prepare in advance for common start up problems, then you can take the necessary steps to overcome them.

Los Angeles Business Startup Tips

The first step is to decide what type of company you want to start. Choose something that you love and gives you passion. You will have to work long hours and wear many hats during the startup phase. Focus most of your attention on the marketing and sales department. Without customers to buy your product or service, you will not be in business for long.

It is important to know the type of customer who wants or needs your services. Your customer base is the key to success when it comes to sales. Establish your logo and brand name before you launch to create a lasting impression on potential customers. Good customer service will set you apart from your competitors. Perfect your product or service to get customers excited with updated versions. It is cheaper to sell to existing customers than generating leads for sales.

Business Startup Funding

Most new businesses provide their own funding. Others receive funding from family members who support their business idea. However, if you need to make a business proposal to financial institutions or angel investors, then follow a few simple steps for success. Preparation is the key to maintaining confidence when you step into a meeting with investors or bankers. You only have a few minutes to give an overview of your business. A good business plan should give a quick summary of your business idea. It is important to let them know why people need your product or service to make their lives easier.

Market Research

It is important to do your research before starting your business. Research allows you to identify potential customers, set realistic business goals and develop effective strategies. Analyze the results of your market research and act on the results. Research may include personal observation, surveys, group interviews or direct mail surveys. Market research will also help you examine and solve problems, prepare for growth and identify new business opportunities that can increase your bottom line.


The Los Angeles Economy

A country’s economy development is measured by its capability to accumulate capital. Other factors define a country’s economic status. However, the rate of capital accumulation determines whether a country will grow or not at a given point

In Los Angeles (L.A.), some factors defines its economic status including but not limited to;

Capital formation; Los Angeles is the biggest manufacturing hub in the US. In economics, the level of raising capital for production is a core issue in economic development. The idea here is to save a high ratio of its income with the aim of increasing the level of investment. Los Angeles therefore, has the low dependency on foreign aid. Economists assert that the adequate supply of capital enhance economic growth.

Natural resources; in Los Angeles, is characterized by numerous natural resource including beaches, mountains, agricultural valleys, ports and urban parks. Natural resources in abundance is a boost for a country’s economy. A country with less natural resources may not be in a position to develop rapidly. The natural resources in Los Angeles have made its economy grow to a greater extent. Los Angeles has the largest seaport in the western hemisphere, in fact, forty percent of all containerized goods entering the US pass through L.A.

Conditions in foreign trade; the World Trade Center Los Angeles is Los Angeles leading promoter of international trade and inbound foreign direct investment. Trade between nations is beneficial to countries involved economies. LA has a comparative cost advantage in manufacturing. It captures international markets for its products, and almost three hundred thousand jobs are directly sustained by the movement of goods and services in and out of Long Beach port.

Creative economy; creativity is one of the most sustaining force in the twenty-first century in Los Angeles. Innovation and creative services are essential resources for the dynamic economy of the L.A. In L.A. over a million jobs are generated by creative industries in Los Angeles and results to over one hundred billion in sales revenue. The creative industries have a significant role in L.A. economy. Examples of creative industries include; art galleries, communication arts, architectural and interior design, digital media, furniture and decorative arts, product and industrial design among others.

In conclusion, the Los Angeles economy is diversified with industries ranging from aerospace, fashion, consumer products, and tourism to biomedical services. Combining passion and innovation is distinctly found in L.A.

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